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Lately I'm Obsessed With...

...Bridging Bridgerton Gap

Do you find yourself saying "make haste" or wondering whether a certain gentleman is "a rake" in the eyes of "the ton"?

If so, you might be exhibiting signs of Bridgerton withdrawal. Here are some novels to help get you through until the second season of Bridgerton blesses us all. 

Since starting this addiction in 2020, I have made no secret of my obsession with romance novels. I needed a complete escape from the news of the day, and jumped into this vortex that I have yet to emerge from. 

I have had dalliances with several genres: Scottish romance novels, pirate romance novels, medieval romance novels, to name a few. I am now fully ensconced in Regency-era romance novels à la Bridgerton. 

If you miss Bridgerton*, here are two series which I think you will love:

They have it all: characters who despise each other then fall madly in love, plenty of balls with punch and gossip, excellent *intimate* scenes, and happy endings (literally no pun intended there.) 

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts! Happy reading. 

*(I should note, the Bridgerton TV series is based on a series of books, so you can always start there! I have only read the second Bridgerton novel, so I will finish that series before I discuss.)

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...Rewatching Dawson's Creek

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...Rikans Foot File

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...D-Bronzi by Drunk Elephant

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...AMO Elf

Essentially, we're going to pick out the perfect gift for every jewelry, accessories, and spa box loving loved one. Email to get started. Continue reading