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...Coping with COVID (Nikki's Take)

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Today I’m on a fun stretch of the coronacoaster where moments ago I thought to myself 2020 is so great. Last week both Ana Mari and I agreed we needed to take an entire day off because we couldn’t 2020. <<insert shrug emoji here>>

Not sure anyone knows how to cope with this, but we thought it might be useful to share what’s kept each of us pushing through the ‘ronacoaster.

  • Looking for my singular good. I’ve long reflected on how summer used to feel growing up. The days were endless in the best way possible, and I lived every moment so thoroughly at Kahdalea. Throughout this, time has almost felt like the summer days I cherish so much. So, I’m working on leaning into the slower pace of life, being present, and leading my thoughts with gratitude. I don’t know what will come of this perspective, but I’m hoping to leave this unprecedented-in-my-lifetime time with something of utility. 
  • Taking a beat. This year presented me with the opportunity to rethink my professional aspirations, so I jumped at it. I’m still not 100% sure what I am doing, but I think I’m starting to figure out what the next chapter could look like? Outside of a year like this, I would’ve never given myself the space (aka taken the risk) to do this. 
  • Sitting in my feelings. Just like Drake, sometimes I’m in my feelings, and on days where I can tell I’ve just gotta let them flow over me, I do. I don’t push myself to do anything other than feel whatever I’m feeling, and let it subside on its own. Also, therapy. Time to get new tools in the toolbox!
  • Looking to the stars. I had my cards read recently, and came off the call feeling energized because Carol confirmed and encouraged some of what I was feeling and thinking. She was also a delight to speak with, and told me that the spirits say she’s a blabbermouth and don’t always tell her everything because the timing isn’t right. Even if you wouldn’t do this normally, #WhyNot.
  • Ana Mari. Honestly, even on not-so-great days, we’ve had fun. And, I don’t think we’re sick of each other (Ana?). We’ve spent time on the floor of the office, gone on cleaning sprees, argued with vendors, celebrated/taunted Marc, and hung out with our three-under-three interns, plus Lady Lucy. We even had a lovely friend day last week with lunch outdoors at Stephanie’s Crèpes, and nails at Gloss Nail Bar (both outings were a first for me since March!). And, it's because of her that I'm volunteering some of my professional expertise to help City Year Miami in whatever way I can. 

I hope this helps spark some coping ideas, and we’ll look forward to you sharing what you’ve been up to with us! 

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