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...Labor Day Fantasy Trip to Laucala Island

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A friend texted a group chat saying she wanted Nutella ice cream; I replied with “don’t talk Europe to me like that.” That got me dreaming up some lovely place to go, so let’s hop on the fantasy travel private jet (FTPJ) for a Labor Day jaunt.

I’m closing my eyes as I type this, and picture blue-green waters, rocks, and peace. Image in mind, a few minutes into my search for the most expensive escapes, I find our destination: The Hilltop Residence at Laucala Island.

This has the hallmark elements of a solid trip—very-difficult-to-get-to location, then you have to get to a private island, then up a private road on the private island, and unpublished booking information.

Check, check, check, check. Now the details:

  • No expense has been spared


  • Dramatic rainforest-laced landscapes
  • White sandy beaches
  • Unparalleled levels of luxury and privacy
  • Organic farms and gardens that produce fruit, vegetables, herbs and meat for resort restaurants, as well as flowers and spices for the spa
  • Home to one of the few traditional villages left in Fiji and is designed to preserve and showcase local traditions, culture and architecture to guests

And here’s a bit about where we are staying:

  • It is a "resort in a resort"
  • With 1.200 square metres of living space, 11.000 square metres for of bedroom space and other private quarters (if only I knew the metric system to understand the size of our residence!
  • Panoramic pool landscape and two spacious guest residences
  • Private cook, a chauffeur, and a private nannya
  • According to Travel + Leisure it’s about $44K USD per night, and we must get the owner’s approval to stay there; on it, don’t worry.

While we wait for the FTPJ to fuel up, go click around the website (collapse the text box upwards so you can watch the very relaxing videos of the property) to get familiarized with the property.

See you in Fiji.

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